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Sometimes the quality of art varies, so feel free to look at the rest of the gallery to see some of the better pictures. :)

Evershade Valley Bros YAY (no bg) by NoName-sami
I think this is my best recent pic. XD


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Thank you guys so much for the points!!

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I found this song through that Taiko game. XD


NOW FIRST OF ALL, ONTO TEH QUESTIONS! ...that :iconneonneoz: has asked me... Let's begin!  

1. What food/drink do you worship? :D (Big Grin)

2. What Pokemon would you rather be?
Does bangbang count?  Alright alright... hm... pachirisu?

3. Why is Bacon considered to be a divine lord?
Because engineer's bacon attack. [link]

4. What do you hope to be in the future?
I hope to FINISH ALL MY DAMN IDEAS! :stare: That I'm too lazy to get to....

5. How many pairs of eyes do you believe to have watch you DA account?
UM.... probably about 2-4 a day?  As in the people I talk to. XD  Other than that..... 


6. Who do you worship more, the melon or the bacon?
Tough choice..... Melons are healthier...

7. Your reaction on these videos ----> link Link LINK (Yeas you must answer them separately -w-)

Ok.  1)  Killing to the rhythm... blood... death...dragon ball
       2)  Luigi and Little Tortilla Boy [link] ... and Michael Bay.  
       3)  Headshot.  And a pig...moar death...screaming...laughter

8. Was these questions strange to you? If so explain your reasons. :D (Big Grin) 
Not really.   Wawaluigi is strange.  

9. Do you believe in logic? If so what do you think life would be without it?
I believe it to a certain extent....but everyone's logic is different, and everything could balance out to 0, so technically the concept of logic could be nullified....wat. 

10. Do you rather have PewDiePie or CinnamonToastKen do surgery on you? (You don't have a choice >:3)
Pewds because I know who he is at least. XD


1.  What fandoms do you like?
2.  Do you like bugs?
3.  Ever thrown pure sodium into water? :'D
4.  What is your least favorite school subject?  
5.  Who is your favorite character of anything and everything?
6.  Can you the projection of u onto v, where v=<5,2,6> and u=<1,3,0>?  
7.  If you were stuck in a video game of your choice that HAS HP.... and you had 1 HP left, during a boss fight, what would you do? 
8.  Ever heard of GRAND DAD?
9.  What is your blood type?
10.  If your soul was implanted into a robot after you died, what would you do in your shiny robot form? 


I was tagged by :iconmouiki: for this... it was that selfie thingy so here. XD
LINEcamera share 2014-10-18-17-02-40 by NoName-sami



Have a nice day! XD
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20141017 232634 by NoName-sami

I'm so glad I found my I can play (and fail XD) at DS rhythm games! :dummy:

*cough* thestatuswon'tletmeusepics*cough* 

Carry on. XD
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: random edm stuff
  • Reading: something
  • Watching: my computer screen
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
In relation to statuses
(holy crap this thing can post youtube videos  OAO )

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I understand and speak typo by NoName-sami

I never finish by Fyi-Susprocrastinators UNITE by Calypso-AshDA Stamp - Snail At Heart 001 by tppgraphicsBoldly by bandit4edu

I'm just a person who loves robots, aliens, cute things, and everything weird and funny! I should also warn you that my page is as disorganized as my brain...and the stamps and stuffs here are in no order.

I'm a Whose Line fan and I'm proud! :D Although I should really post some Whose Line stuff sooner or later...
Whose Line Is It Anyway - Weird News Casters Stamp by TwilightProwler I Support Quacking Elephants Stamp by TwilightProwler Whose Stamp Is It Anyway? by Stock7000 THE CAT Stamp by wizardwonders6

Why I May Not Reply to RPs (click)

...Sorry, I don't RP. by StampsByNeekko


Stamp - RP CRACK by TwistedAlice
(I will usually only participate in crack RPs that are randomly initiated if I feel like it. XD )

Nichijou Stamp by KishiFishyWhy? stamp by aftersunsets Reflec Beat Stamp by Hikari-The-Elite Procrastination Stamp by jenepooh Periods Suck Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art Make Tea Not Drama -- Stamp by Hardrockangel Waluigi Fan Stamp by MakronetteGOTTA GO FAST by BIPCHESONMYNAK Vinesauce Stamp by ATalkingDog I Play Saxophone by CosmoNo1 Crack Pairings Stamp by Kaana-Chan Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikkaMath Stamp by WetWithRainBiles the Nutler Stamp by TheWritingDragon

What? What? WHat? by Static01

Pfff I'll add more later when I feel like it. :/

Ok, so apparently I'm this guy. XD

You are the first Possessor in order of the weakest of the five (but still strong compared to humans) and reside in the lovely Gloomy Manor. ...Not really a lovely place, but unlike most of the other Possessors, you know how to properly greet people and tend to shy away from violent and hostile confrontations. You get along very well with the Overset Possessor. Every other Possessor except him thinks that you are weak-minded, which puts you in danger if they ever try taking advantage of that situation. You tend to be on the defensive if somebody calls you something offensive (such as unicorn... XD) but nonetheless, you are open to other's beliefs and opinions. Even if you are face-to-face with your enemy, you try to do what's best for both you and that person, even compromising with them. Whether you want to believe this or not, all of the Possessors care about you for some reason. Even the Tough Possessor, even though he really doesn't show it.

You don't have to thank me for llamas or faves! :iconmoewinkplz:


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What should I draw :iconspikehmmplz:
NoName-sami Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Erm.....idk. XD What are you into?
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Nintendo and fnaf . Scary/cute things
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Combine the two, then! XD
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You said you like fast music right? Maybe you could check this guy out, he has some cool tracks. Instrumental onlyxD  They make me dizzy...…
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I think this is speedcore?
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