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Sometimes the quality of art varies, so feel free to look at the rest of the gallery to see some of the better pictures. :)


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HELLO EVERYNYAN! :iconchiyochichiloveplz:


A couple of people wanted to know what I use for some of my drawings, so I shall tell you!   After finding out about this lovely  Crayola Marker Tutorial, I thought, "Yay, who needs copics!!" (although copics and prismacolor markers are high quality and are wonderful for all those shades you cannot get. ;w;  but they're so 6 dolars for one stupid marker, why? OTL).  So, for most of my traditional drawings, I've been testing out or using washable markers, and I gotta say that they are fun to use!!  They blend surprisingly well on most watercolor paper, I lucked out with the pack of markers I got in a bookstore over spring break since there were two skin colors!  SO!  ONTO THE STUFF I USE/HAVE USED!! Nagisa Happy Icon 


I primarily use watercolor paper for my traditional drawings, not only because it blends washable markers well, but if I'm using Copics, I need really heavyweight paper. TTwTT  

20150414 210333 by NoName-sami

^^This is what I've been using so far!  You can find watercolor paper at any art store! 


.... You can pretty much just use anything. XD  I use a mechanical pencil and a white eraser.  


20150414 210535 by NoName-sami

^^^These are what I use to outline stuff!  In most art stores, you can buy multiliners or outline pens individually.  Be careful with the Staedtler ones; they're water based and might accidentally mix with colors.  ALSO!  If you want a slightly cheaper alternative, look for any pens that won't bleed with water, or use Sharpie Pens


This depends.  I sometimes use Crayola markers, copics/prismacolors, other random washable markers I bought/were given to me, or a combination.  For the picture of Magista colored picture, I used these things that I bought at a bookstore one day. XD  You can buy these online.  I'd recommend the Faber Castell washable markers; those had the two skin colors.  
20150414 210644 by NoName-sami

However, for other pics like this and this, I used Crayola markers! :D  The 64 pack, actually. XD  As in this thing: 

51BX42cyegL. SX300  by NoName-sami

I USED to blend with a color blender for water-based markers, but I lost it. ><  So lately, I've just used a watercolor brush that holds water in it.  However, you can also use water and Q-tips as well.  I've used the Letraset Aquamarker Blender as my blendy pen.  You can buy them on amazon and other online stores I think. XD
Il 340x270.707452586 4rjh by NoName-samiAquaSingle-Blender-Pr1 by NoName-samiHandmade Watercolors 2 by NoName-sami

..... and I THINK that's it.  Anyway, I hope this helped!! Homura Bowing Icon Nagisa Bowing Icon 


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If you came from Miiverse and want my friend code, here it is! :D


I understand and speak typo by NoName-sami

I never finish by Fyi-Susprocrastinators UNITE by Calypso-AshDA Stamp - Snail At Heart 001 by tppgraphicsBoldly by bandit4edu

I'm just a person who loves robots, aliens, cute things, and everything weird and funny! I should also warn you that my page is as disorganized as my brain...and the stamps and stuffs here are in no order.

I'm a Whose Line fan and I'm proud! :D Although I should really post some Whose Line stuff sooner or later...
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Stamp - RP CRACK by TwistedAlice
(I will usually only participate in crack RPs that are randomly initiated if I feel like it. XD )

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What? What? WHat? by Static01

Pfff I'll add more later when I feel like it. :/

Ok, so apparently I'm this guy. XD

You don't have to thank me for llamas or faves! :iconmoewinkplz:


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